Many years ago, as I was crocheting, my little niece asked me what I was doing. I gave her some kind of nonsense answer to which she replied, “I know what you are doing. You are making a very organized thread.”

I originally started this blog to track my creative (crocheted and other) projects. It has evolved into something more – a way to record my life, where I’ve come from, where I am, where I might be going. Recorded here online in the hope that sometime is may be of value to someone else.

What is important to me, evident I hope in this blog, is my faith, my family and the ability to see and create beauty.

2017 Update: In my moves this year I looked again of some of the things I wrote over the years, particularly in my efforts to find healing after Volker died. I decided to post things in a separate blog as I am able. You can find those posts at http://baburkard.com/musings/

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