The Grand River

When I moved to Bloomingdale last October I started walking along the Grand Valley Trail towards Snyder’s Flats. I took pictures often from one lookout spot. I’d hoped to have a full year’s worth of photos, but moving back to Kitchener interrupted the flow. So here is 10 months (October to July) on the Grand. (Take it full screen for best viewing.)

A tumultuous month

On July 23rd I was asked to find another place to live; the homeowner wanted the apartment I was in for a family member.

This sense of homelessness sends me into feelings of panic though I have never actually been homeless. And so I did my best to calm myself and set about finding a new home. I’d been missing my old neighbourhood, the close proximity to my son and daughter-in-law as well as other family members, the streets to walk on, the park, but I started with little hope that I’d be able to afford anything in that neighbourhood.

My brother Jim suggested that we look for a place we could share — the two of us together could likely get something better than either of us alone.

One week into our search my lovely daughter-in-law volunteered to help; she loves to house-hunt! She sent me a link for a house to lease just two blocks from their place. I’d seen that ad, but had discounted is because it said, “No pets.” She encourage me to ask about it anyway. The next day Jim and I with Billie in tow looked at the place. The following day we met the landlord and signed the lease so we could start moving in the day after that!

It has felt to me like coming home. The floor plan of this place is almost identical to the house I owned on Ruskview Road for 13 years. Three bedrooms, finished basement, fenced back yard — we have never lived in a place with a fenced back yard in Billie’s lifetime!

A complication was that Trina and family arrived from California for a 2 week visit two days after our move-in day. That long weekend we’d booked a cottage on Lake Huron to spend time together as a family – first time ever since the kids left home. (We had a wonderful time; I’ll post some pictures eventually.) However, the move meant that the Gehieres could stay with me while they were in Kitchener, that would not have been possible had I been in Bloomingdale.

Yesterday was a beautiful late summer day, sunny and clear, not too hot. It felt to me like the first time in a month that I could really relax. Billie and I took a leisurely walk through Lakeside and Meinzinger parks.

The fragility of life

My Beloved Man had a frightening experience recently, though I think perhaps it frightened me more than it frightened him.

Some months ago he got a metal sliver in his left-hand ring finger. Over time his body built up a callous around it. That finger started to swell, until one evening it throbbed and pained him so much he couldn’t sleep. The next morning he decided to seek medical treatment.

At the urgent care clinic a doctor started poking around, trying to find the metal culprit when, because of the pain he was feeling, she decided his finger need to be frozen. She got a “big, huge” needle and almost immediately my Beloved Man fainted.

When he came to there were several doctors and assorted medical personnel surrounding him, moving him to an ambulance stretcher.  He’d been hooked up for defibrillation though he’s not sure if he was shocked or not. Regardless, this man got up, insisting that he was fine. The medical staff tried to convince him otherwise, but he was determined to leave. He had to sign a paper saying he wouldn’t drive and they saw him into a taxi.

Like that would work with my stubborn man. He had the taxi stop out of sight of the clinic, walked back, got  into his own car and drove to work!

His memory around all of this is uncertain.
I have a hundred questions with no answers. But what I’m left with is this –
life is fragile, you don’t know when or how it might be taken from you.

Live today!

Butterflies and other flying creatures

I’ve enjoyed taking pictures of birds, butterflies, dragon and damsel flies lately. Then I go on line to try to identify them. I’ve opened accounts on and to track and verify my finds. ( is the first site I visit for identifying butterflies, they don’t offer the tracking.) I also opened an account on but so far have only got 2 photos of bumblebees. I haven’t started identifying the dragon and damsel flies yet.
Here are some of the creatures I’ve seen in recent days.