California ~ March 2018

Advent Haiku #6

white and black
a splash of red, flit
and you’re gone

I love catching a glimpse of the woodland creatures that live in these city parks. I always feel like I’ve got a glimpse of the Creator, Godself.

Advent Haiku #5

snowflakes lie still
light bounds off crystal planes
diamonds everywhere


It was too cold for my little dog outside so I went for a walk alone. Snow is falling gently, yet it is piling up quickly. It is not dark despite the hour, for the street lights glancing off ice crystals makes everything bright. With every step bits of light sparkle all over the ground. It is so beautiful!

Those snowflakes are not moving, are not doing anything once they hit the ground. They are just being what they are — bits of ice. We humans seem to think we must do more, be more, have more.

Perhaps I can reflect the Light by being still.