Saving my life

What is saving your life right now?


Sarah Bessey, challenged others to post on “What is saving your life right now?”

What is saving my life right now?

In times past crocheting saved my life. Somehow organizing those threads helped me to organize my life. I crochet less these days, though I hope, after my visit to the optometrist next week, I will see better and in turn enjoy crocheting more again.

These days my computer and the internet save my life:

  •  the wonder of Skyping with my beloved daughter and granddaughter who are 4,000 km away.
  •  the joy of connecting with family and friends via email, Facebook, shared photos, blogs.
  •  the excitement of learning new things about the world we live in, from the news, from science sites, from gossip sites.
  •  the rest of just zoning out while playing solitaire.
  •  the fulfilment of creating a slideshow of memories
  •  getting a new vegetable in my Community Supported Agriculture share, going online to find a recipe.
  •  googling the address and printing out directions for a friend who need to travel to another city and wants to know how to get the hospital there to visit a friend
  • the lostness of a non-functioning computer and the relief in getting it back again

So I say loudly, “Thank God for my computer and the internet!”

Mastering presentations

This year I am helping to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for First Mennonite Church’s Christmas Eve service. As I have very little experience working with PowerPoint I decided to play with Keynote (Mac’s version) on the weekend. This is my experiment (43 seconds long, no sound):

Woo Hoo! Back on line

After months of not being able to see my stuff online, tonight I went into the Dashboard, changed my theme and Wah-lah I’m visible again! Lots of projects to add now (not tonight, though).

Because I had tendonitis in my right shoulder I really didn’t do much from mid-February until late summer. I will correct the dates in posts to what they would have been had I been visible online.