A Christmas Owl

IMG_1589Some months ago my delightful niece, Lexi, sent me this picture wondering if I could make one of these little phone pockets that she could give her mom for Christmas.

Of course I was happy to take up the challenge.

A Google search revealed several gorgeous pictures of owls (click on the picture to enlarge it, click again to close the image):

camoflaged owl 1                   owl-tree             Camouflaged-Owl-16

Inspired by these photos I created this cell phone cozy (of course, I didn’t dare post this before today):

Cheryl's owl
Cheryl’s owl

For the body and wings I used a bit of leftover variegated wool from a previous project and a 3mm hook and an alternating dc/sc pattern. The eyes and beak are done with #8 perle cotton. I didn’t use a pattern, just invented as I went. I had to make it somewhat generic as I’m not even sure what model of phone Cheryl has. I used my iPod Touch (first generation) as a model.

Trina suggested I make a pattern and tutorial for this little guy. Perhaps I shall, someday.

Love Letters

When I was young my mother had a wooden box in the top drawer of her dresser that contained letters she and my father wrote to each other before they were married. I would sometimes sneak a peak at these letters. It showed me an aspect of my parents I didn’t ever see otherwise. These letters also greatly influenced the kind of man I wanted in my life – someone with whom I could share the love of God.

Volker and I also wrote letters to each other, before and after our marriage. I too keep them in a wooden box, along with some other special letters and things.


The two soft magnets were part of a valentine card I made for Volker that said,
“Pumpkins are orange,
zucchinis are green,
You’re the best husband
I’ve ever seen.”

The pink sugar cupid was on a cookie he bought for me.

The little shoes are slippers I made for my baby boy.

The child’s drawing is from a card that Trina made for me when she was six, “because I wanted to show you that I love you.”

My treasures!

When Mom moved to into long term care the wooden box was still in that drawer, but it was now empty and the lid was off. It was looking it’s age. I took it home.

letterbox1Because it had so influenced me, I want to pass that on somehow. My own kids are grown and married, so, I thought, I’d like to pass this on to my granddaughter. We have a lot of fun with mail because we live so far apart. I want her to treasure the really important things in life, the less tangible — the love we give and receive.

I asked my brother, Myron, who besides being a wonderful photographer, is really good in the refinishing department. Last night he brought Mom’s wooden box back to me. Isn’t it beautiful! Definitely a treasure box now!


As Mina is only four years old I will wait awhile before I give her this box, but in the meantime I will put a few treasure into it for her.

Mina mail

I’ve been mailing little items to Mina because she loves to get “Mina mail.”

I was very thrilled last week myself when I got my first “Gramma mail” from Mina – a birthday present: ladybugs she made in nursery school; and other letters she created, that now hang on my fridge…

gramma mail
My mail from Mina






I have a new item to send now, a crocheted hat (pattern from Yarn Blossom Boutique) — one hat, two interchangeable flowers. I had to use a doll for a model, I hope it will fit my favourite girl! I used bits of my stash, mostly Caron Simply Soft. Hook size 5mm.







Update: December 1, 2013

As I suspected, the hat is a little small for Mina. Thankfully, she doesn’t seem to mind. I think I will make another, using a larger hook size, for when they come to Ontario. Trina send a video clip:

The bag lady

It started with a walk on the beach with my husband in 1985. A very sparkly stone caught my eye. I picked it up.


Less than a year later Volker was dead. I kept the stone close, a reminder of happier times. At some point in time, I don’t remember which summer, but I’m certain it was at Miller Lake, I decided to crochet a little bag for the stone so that I could wear as a pendant.

crocheted pendantsBut that wasn’t the only cool stone I had. So I keep on crocheting little bags. I gave many of them away.

Then I got my first iPod. I love listening to audiobooks, but not all my clothes have convenient pockets. So I decided to crochet a little bag for my iPod nano, that, as it is so light, I could wear it around my neck. Of course, one colour would never do. I have many. 🙂

crocheted bags for iPod, coins
crocheted bags for iPod, coins, other treasures

And that isn’t the only thing I might want to put into a pocket. What do you do when you walk the dog and want to take your cell phone, but don’t want to carry a bag? I, of course, crochet another bag. The wonder of it is that it is custom sized. When I get a new phone, I make new bag; the old one is bound to come in handy sometime. Some I make with a long strap to wear over a shoulder and some without the strap, just to protect it in my purse.

crocheted bags for iPod touch, cell phone, poop-bags,
crocheted bags for iPod touch, cell phone, poop-bags,

And speaking of walking the dog, I found those hard plastic poop-bag holder very annoying and rather heavy when clipped to the leash. A little crocheted bag — I like to use elasticized yarn — is so much better! It even hooks nicely onto a cellphone bag.

Ah, but the bags keep getting bigger. Can you have too many bags?

Crocheted purse
Crocheted purse

Tapestry bag
Crocheted bag using the tapestry technique

Crocheted backpack

Really, there is a crocheted bag for every purpose!


Kitty Sock

Christine sent me a text – the Human Society had a kitten that had a stump for a hind leg, whether a birth defect or an accident they didn’t know; but would I be able to knit a sock to cover the stump?

I’m not a very good knitter at all, but I decided to give it a try. The end result:

Kitty sock
Kitty Sock

And here the kitty is to model:

Kitty wearing sock
Kitty wearing sock

And then she asked for more — hadn’t considered what would happen in the litter box! I’ve made another grey one and a red with white trim sock for Christmas.