Butterflies and other flying creatures

I’ve enjoyed taking pictures of birds, butterflies, dragon and damsel flies lately. Then I go on line to try to identify them. I’ve opened accounts on ebird.org and butterfliesandmoths.org/ to track and verify my finds. (Gardenswithwings.com is the first site I visit for identifying butterflies, they don’t offer the tracking.) I also opened an account on bumblebeewatch.org but so far have only got 2 photos of bumblebees. I haven’t started identifying the dragon and damsel flies yet.
Here are some of the creatures I’ve seen in recent days.

Back yard bird feeder

I want to use up the bird seed I’d bought for Mom’s birdfeeder. It’s been fun watching the critters that come:

Herons and Vultures

A couple weeks ago I saw a most interesting sight.

Walking by the Grand River I spied a Great Blue Heron. I then realized there were four of them. As I was on a treed trail above the river I had a hard time getting a great shot. While I was looking five turkey vultures landed on a sandbar right by the herons. They pretty much ignored one another till they all flew away.

(Note: I’ve been adding to my “Birds and Flowers” post.)

Birds & Flowers