Today’s Miracle

This morning when I was ready to leave for work I went to get my keys from the little dish I keep them in — my car key wasn’t there. It’s often in my coat pocket – not this time. Then I remembered that I wore my other coat earlier when I took Billie outside (and started the car to be sure it would). No, not there either. Did I put them somewhere else? But I couldn’t find them anywhere. KeysI have only one key, without it I can’t drive. The only thing I could do is try to follow the footprints Billie and I left in the snow an hour earlier. Snowy morningIt had been snowing lightly for hours, both a blessing and a curse – blessing because we left footprints, curse because they were beginning to fill in. Out into the park I went, trying to figure out which were our prints and which were made by someone else. Then I saw a little indentation in the snow, similar in size to a Billie print but with no other dog prints nearby. I dug into the snow — and found my car key! Thank God!!!

(I really need to get a spare key made.)

A Cold Walk