May 4, 2017

My annual “day off.” This year it grey cool and wet day. I visited Greenway Garden Centre and Belgian Garden Centre. So nice to be among the flowers and the green growing things!
I also started a mandala. Richard Rohr wrote about using the mandala as a spiritual practice, a kind of prayer. Here is what I’m working on.



So nice to have spring again. Here are some pictures from two lovely April weekends. Plus the sound of spring – the frogs!

Signs of Spring

Spring 2015 has been very slow in coming, but coming she is! Here are the signs I’ve seen over the last few days. (I will be adding pictures as more spring things appear.)

Update: May 10 – I’m adding the last pictures to this series. This past week we seemed to move from spring to summer, though spring is supposed to make a return appearance in a few days. Thirty degree Celsius weather has meant leaves popped out on the trees, the dandelions have taken over the fields and lawns wherever they can and many flowers have bloomed and faded in a hurry.