I have really been inspired by reading blogs on the internet. Sometimes one can feel so alone. And then you find out that you are not alone, there are many people in the world that see and feel things much the way you do.

I have also been inspired by the premise behind Happy Rambles and Sarah Bessey’s post on “What is saving your life right now?” to update this blog more often, and use the theme “What I am grateful for/what is saving my life.” I may throw in some of “What is killing me” to when warranted.

For today it is not my project that I’m putting in here, but my dear daughters. Trina has been experimenting with Tulle, turning it into tutus. Look for more information on her blog soon. And so I add a picture of my sweet wee girl:

Mina in a tutu
Little bird with bright feathers

The baby gets clothes

Made some clothes for Mina’s new baby:

Watermelon sweater

I need to think about footwear next.

Her wig has arrived in Campbell. We will need to figure out how to attach it securely, yet have it removable for laundering.


Mina’s baby

As the Itsy Bitsy Babies are much to small for my favourite granddaughter, I decided it was time (after a 24+ year break) to make another soft sculpture doll. Can I do it?

I cut out the pattern last Friday night. On Saturday Trina sent me a link to an Etsy site that was selling the original pattern. The picture reminded me that there is a bent leg version as well as the straight leg. Seems I have lost the original bent leg pattern piece. However, as I made so many of them in the early 80s I traced the original pattern, first to enlarge it and then to have new pattern pieces when one set got well used. I was able to use the original tracing to make a new bent leg pattern.

Today I made the face. Next I have to start sewing. *gulp*

soft sculpture doll face