Furred & Feathered Friends

I admit I am impatient for spring. Winter seems to want to drag on (though in reality, this is probably normal April weather). However, over the last week I’ve been enjoying the furred and feathered creatures that have been visiting our backyard.

(Thanks also to brother Jim who took some of these photos.)

Soft Sculpture Dolls

I’ve long liked making toys.

Original pattern pieces

About 35 years ago I started making soft sculpture dolls. It was the beginning of the Cabbage Patch Kids craze, and I thought I could do a better job — so I bought a pattern for Miss Martha’s (?) “Little Sonshine Baby.” It was a 14″ doll.

Pattern pieces transfer to graph paper

Not being satisfied with that size only I graphed the pattern and enlarged it, first to 18″ and finally to a 24″ doll.

Pattern enlarged

I took orders to make and sell these dolls. Friends, family, and strangers ordered dolls with varying skin, eye and hair colours, hair styles (or bald), freckles or not, some  dressed, some not. These order sheets represent over 60 dolls that I made.

Order sheets

I made only two 24″ dolls, for my own kids.

My daughter on her 5th birthday with her new 24″ doll, Randi.

I take great joy and satisfaction knowing that at least some of these dolls are still being played with by another generation.

Randi, sitting on my granddaughter’s bed, 2018
My niece’s and nephew’s dolls, now played with by their children
Sammy, 24″ doll made for my son; Baby, 14″ doll made for my granddaughter in 2011 (brought home for repairs); my first ever 18″ doll.

Waiting for Spring

I’m impatiently waiting for spring. So when my hibiscus bloomed last weekend I soaked it in, starting with a time-lapse video of the flower opening.

California ~ March 2018