Birds and more

The wonder of spring in Lakeside Park is to see the visiting birds, the summer residents, the flowers and budding trees — all the signs of life!

Furred & Feathered Friends

I admit I am impatient for spring. Winter seems to want to drag on (though in reality, this is probably normal April weather). However, over the last week I’ve been enjoying the furred and feathered creatures that have been visiting our backyard.

(Thanks also to brother Jim who took some of these photos.)

Advent Haiku #6

white and black
a splash of red, flit
and you’re gone

I love catching a glimpse of the woodland creatures that live in these city parks. I always feel like I’ve got a glimpse of the Creator, Godself.

Mountain Jay

I went for a walk with my camera on Sunday evening. Not far from the Gehiere’s home I saw a mountain jay hopping around the flower bed. I wanted a picture. When I went around the bush it had just hopped behind I found this:

an apparently dead jay. I snapped a bunch of photos. And started to move away.Was that movement?

Head pops up. Silly jay! Just didn’t want it’s picture taken.

Northern Flicker

This is another very shy bird. The first time I saw it today my camera was across the room; I was afraid if I moved it would fly. After the bird found a peanut it took it into the tree and then flew away.
I went and got my camera and looked for the tripod. Before I spotted it I realize the Flicker was back. So without the benefit of the tripod and through a window the sun was shining on, I took these photos.
The Flicker is a messy eater (like the Downie woodpeckers) flinging seeds they don’t want to eat out till they find the ones they like. Other birds will happily pick up what’s left on the ground.